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Katie Coffin - 7/20/2016

EARN Indiana, the state’s work-study program for college students with financial need, is expanding its eligibility to include thousands more potential participants. The program serves Hoosier students, giving them more access to resume-building, experiential, paid internships.

To be eligible for the EARN program, college students must demonstrate financial need through their family’s expected contribution to their college education. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is calculated when students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Starting this fall, the EFC required for EARN Indiana will increase from $7,500 or less to $24,808 or less – providing paid internship opportunities to thousands more Hoosier college students.

In addition to opening up the program to more traditional college students, some of Indiana’s returning adult students are also eligible for EARN Indiana. Now, Hoosiers who are eligible for the Adult Student Grant may participate in the program. This expansion will give adults taking advantage of the Commission for Higher Education’s You Can. Go Back. program the opportunity to gain work experience and meet employers in their field of study. You Can. Go Back. encourages Hoosiers with some college and no degree to go back to school and earn their degree.

Additional changes include merging the fall and spring funding waves to streamline the application process for employers who offer longer-term internship opportunities. If you’re an employer who uses Indiana INTERNnet, you will receive details on how these and other changes impact your internships once the web site is updated.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is committed to continued collaboration with Indiana INTERNnet to build upon EARN Indiana’s success. The changes coming to the program this fall will make hiring EARN Indiana interns easier for employers and give more Hoosier college students the opportunity to gain meaningful workplace experience.