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Indiana INTERNnet - 10/17/2016

Indiana INTERNnet (IIN) is continuing to expand high-quality experiential opportunities across the state. A recent partnership has created a process that automatically shares IIN’s internships to a college/university’s online student job board. This strengthens the link between employers, students and educational institutions.

Employers throughout the state have expressed their desire for one portal to post internships to multiple Indiana colleges and universities. This new development will reduce the time-consuming task of manually posting internships on different systems. It is beneficial to colleges and universities, as their students will have access to additional internships.  

At the Weldon Conference, hosted by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE), Matt Rust expressed interest in learning more about IIN and its services. Rust is the director of career and advising services of the Division of Undergraduate Education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). After meeting with the IIN team, Rust became interested in piloting a partnership to share internships from to the IUPUI job board.

 “Internships play a critical role in helping our students refine their career goals and prepare for their future professions,” explains Rust. “We’re thrilled to know our students have more access to these great experiences thanks to being directly plugged into IIN’s statewide network of internship opportunities.”

Through several meetings and communications, IIN, IUPUI and Rare Bird (IIN’s web developer) worked closely to develop the coding and technical part of the program. IIN’s internship postings are downloaded to a virtual storage box, where the school can review it for duplication and accept the postings to add to its job board. This increases the exposure of employers’ positions and the number of internship prospects for students.

Students interested in applying to the shared internships are directed to the IIN web site to create a profile and apply. This method allows employers access to the Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) Indiana funding administered through CHE and connects them with EARN Indiana-eligible students.

In the first year of the partnership, IIN successfully transferred 1,985 positions to IUPUI. Of those positions, 712 unique positions were added to its job board. Both IUPUI and IIN are pleased with the results.

“In the year since we began our partnership, we’ve had a 19% increase in the number of IUPUI students creating new accounts at IIN compared to the year prior to our partnership,” says Rust. “Even more encouraging, we’ve seen a 166% increase in the number of IUPUI students attaining IIN positions.”

Since the beginning of this project, Indiana INTERNnet has partnered with IUPUI, Ball State University and Ivy Tech Community College. Those partnerships have been successful, and IIN continues to explore opportunities with other Indiana educational institutions.