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Jack-of-All-Trades or Master of None?

I went to a small high school with extremely limited class choices. The only language available to take was Spanish, and the electives didn’t go much beyond drama or choir. When I decided to go to Indiana University, I was so excited to have a variety of options. IU is huge—I could learn anything I wanted to! I could learn how to write code, then turn around and read about famous Mexican muralists, then get some advice from a Pulitzer-winning journalist. (All things I’ve done, by the way. Thanks, IU!) The possibilities were endless.

As I progressed in my college career, I realized how difficult it is to master more than a few skills or subjects. It seemed like every job opportunity I came across wanted me to have infinite abilities—writing, editing, graphic design, social media, videography, photography, web design, event planning, marketing, and the list goes on. Overwhelmed by …

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Indiana’s Talent Gap and Brain Drain/Gain Workshop

Last month, I had the opportunity to go to “Indiana’s Talent Gap and Brain Drain/Gain Workshop”, a partnership of Purdue University, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Lilly Endowment, Inc., and Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The opportunity was presented to me through my internship with Milliner and Associates by my mentor and VP of Operations, Nicole Bieker. The subject was retaining graduates from Indiana’s universities, what it would take to get them to stay, and attracting similar young talent from other states. They had recent college graduates share their experiences as to why they stayed or left Indiana.

What may surprise you is that students aren’t leaving Indiana to go to the glamorous California or the East Coast. They’re moving to other Midwestern states. Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee all pull away as many students as California and Florida. It kind of makes you wonder why that is. That’s where we …

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Meet the New Intern!

Hi, all! I’m so excited to be the marketing and videography intern this summer at Indiana INTERNnet! I’m going into my senior year of college at Indiana University, where I study journalism and Spanish. I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I love this city, and am thrilled to be working right downtown.

I’ve been creating videos for fun since high school, but I never thought about making it into a career until an IU student organization I’m involved with, RUF, asked me if I would make videos for them.

This is the first time that Indiana INTERNnet has taken on a marketing and videography intern, and I’m so glad they did! But why hire a videography intern?

In our Internet-immersed culture, video can make a huge impact! Take it from the countless viral videos floating around on social media these days—people love a good video, and a good video will …

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Food Banks: More than Food Distribution Centers

Madelyn Martinec is a 2016 graduate of Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with honors distinction and minored in Theology, Marketing and Spanish. She interned for four summers at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana in South Bend, IN where she primarily focused program development and strategic planning during each summer. With great joy, Madelyn continues volunteering at the Food Bank during special events and fundraisers.

Food banks are often thought of as a warehouse full of food and hunger is a topic that not many people enjoy discussing. However, the reality is that millions of people may not know when they will eat their next healthy and nutritious meal despite the fact that there is enough food to feed everyone. Despite this reality, food banks offer support to those who may have to decide between paying for …

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Networking at Night

Most networking events are held during typical working hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). However, there are the occasional evening events. While some events may be more casual than others, it’s important to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Check out these helpful tips for how to rock the room and make connections.


Cards for Contacts

Make sure you bring plenty of business cards, and can easily grab it out of your pocket or purse. You don’t want to be fumbling around in your jacket, or throwing things out of your purse to find a card. The business cards that you collect should also be put in an appropriate place.

Pro tip: Bring a pen to write notes about the conversations you had with people. If you don’t have a small notepad, you can write on the back of their business cards. Your phone is also a great …

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