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Baldwin & Lyons’ intern uses his interests to find career fit

Mike Starr, actuarial services intern at Baldwin & Lyons, Inc., is not your average intern. Starr earned his master’s degree in student affairs and spent time in the professional world before an internship sparked a career change.

While Mike Starr did not always know what he wanted to do as a career, he always knew what he liked.

The actuarial services intern at Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. in Carmel realized early on that he liked math and science as well as a team environment. Blending those interests, however, proved more difficult before his current internship.

As a physics major at The Ohio State University, Starr assumed that medical school was in his future. When those plans fell through, Starr went back to the drawing board.

“While I was in school, I was extremely involved in different campus activities, so that’s when I became aware of student affairs as a …

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The difference a year makes

This is a guest blog by Jara Rowe, social media marketing coordinator at Minnetrista and former Indiana INTERNnet intern. 

This time last year, I was working a full-time job, driving two hours round-trip for an internship with Indiana INTERNnet (IIN), and finishing my master’s degree. It was a lot of work, but I was determined it was necessary to take the next step in my career.

Fast-forward a year, I completed my internship with IIN, started and completed an internship with McGowan Insurance Group, Inc., completed my Master of Arts in Public Relations, and started a new full-time job that I love. I am currently the Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Minnetrista.

While interviewing for a part-time position at Minnetrista, I was able to showcase the skills I developed while interning with IIN and my passion for social media. The interviewer recognized my potential and forwarded my information to …

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Internship reinforces the dream of working with youth

This is a guest blog from Adeline Dible, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods student and  intern at East 10th United Methodist Children and Youth Center.

I walked into a strange looking building thinking to myself, “I must be in the wrong place,” until I heard the chatter and happy cries of the toddlers upstairs waking up from their afternoon naps. The halls were decorated in the tiny handprints of the 4-year-olds and the painted smears from the 2-year-olds. You could hear the adults cheering right along with the small children.

It was at this moment that I knew that this youth center right was exactly where I belonged.

I currently work for East 10th United Methodist Children and Youth Center (UMCYC) on the east side of Indianapolis. This center provides a safe place where the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical needs of children, youth and their families are responded to in a …

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Rooting for your job/internship search!

This is a guest blog by Alecia Kissel, HR and recruiting intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. 

There is really no tiptoeing around the fact that in less than a couple of months, life will be totally different for me and other soon-to-be college graduates.

It is surreal because just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorm and didn’t know a single person on campus. Hopefully, if you are in the same boat as me, you have looked into some really great companies and even had some interviews as well. Whether it is looking for full-time employment or a summer internship, it’s important to actively engage the following questions while in the interview process.

Can you picture yourself working there?
Thinking about the office space is important, especially if you are going to be there day in and day out for work. I know when …

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Use spring break to spruce up your resumé

After long winter months and tough internships, spring break is finally here for college students. If your spring break has some built-in downtime, use it to learn a new skill and build your resumé.

Intern Queen Lauren Berger has this advice for doing (a little!) work during spring break.

Get Tech: There are many online outlets to learn tech skills outside of the classroom. Check out to learn basic HTML or CSS coding. If you took a technology class last semester, show what you’ve learned in the skills section of your resumé as well. Take an Externship: Spring break may be too short for a full-blown internship, but that does not mean you are out of options. Many companies host externships or job shadowing opportunities. Visit your school’s career center to find spring break openings in your area. Be Social: If you’ve always wanted to try a new …

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