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One, Two, Three. Is EARN Indiana for me?

In 2013, Indiana INTERNnet (IIN) began partnering with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) to facilitate its Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) Indiana program. EARN Indiana reimburses employers with an approved internship up to 50 percent of each eligible intern’s wage.

EARN Indiana doesn’t just benefit employers. The program provides eligible students with a wide variety of positions offering competitive pay and valuable experience. These internships can be used to explore career interests, develop transferable skills, apply academic coursework to the professional world, examine career interests and even earn college credit.

“[EARN Indiana] opens up so many positions that will be able to pay you competitively all while gaining tremendous needed experience,” said Johnny Slivka, HR Marketing Intern for Milliner & Associates and EARN Indiana-eligible student.

In order to be eligible for an EARN Indiana internship, a student must:

Be an Indiana resident Not have a bachelor’s degree prior …

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The Secret to Finding the Perfect Job (Er, Internship)

Entry by Brittney Horn, Membership Intern, Greater Lafayette Commerce

Okay well maybe not the secret because let’s be honest, it’s still really hard to find a job at all. I’ve searched high and low, far and wide for almost a year now and it’s still a rough economy. That doesn’t mean that everyone that is graduating within the year is doomed to be jobless for the rest of their lives but it does mean the more experience you have (ahem, internships), the better chance you have of getting a job. But searching for internships can be pretty frightening too. It can be a daunting task to search through websites, internship postings, and company profiles to find the perfect internship. I have become a self-proclaimed “pro” at finding great resources for finding pretty much any kind of internship you can imagine. Hopefully you’ll be able to use one …

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