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Three Tips on Finding the Perfect Internship

Moira Keating is a human resources marketing/employee engagement intern at Milliner & Associates. She will graduate from Marian University in December 2018. 

Most college students know that getting an internship is an integral part of expanding their professional career. Some universities, including mine, even require it. There are websites dedicated to helping student’s find the perfect internship for their majors and/or skill sets, which makes for an easy and comfortable application process. Even uploading your resume to sites such as or LinkedIn could potentially lead to a recruiter contacting you, and from experience, it is exciting when that happens.

Just because there are plenty of places to see postings for an internship these days, doesn’t mean it is easy to get one. Your resume needs to be perfect and sometimes references, a cover letter, and/or a writing sample are required during the application process, and that is …

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4 Essential Emails You’ll Send During the Internship Search

While you’re waiting to hear back from employers during your internship search, it can be easy to forget that communication goes both ways. Employers appreciate the little things like a thank you email after an interview. Plus, an email that takes you five minutes to write can make a huge impression and help you stand out. Below is a list of the four essential emails you’ll need during your internship search.

The “post – interview” email

Regardless of if your interview was casual and over lunch, or a grueling hour – long panel, you should always send a thank you email. Sometimes, if the top two candidates are neck and neck, the final decision could be based off something as small as whether or not someone thanked the interviewers. You don’t want to have an amazing interview, only to lose the position to someone else because you never sent a …

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Make a Great First Impression on

When I think of first impressions, I often think of face-to-face communication. However, first impressions happen every day on (IIN)! When you apply to internships on IIN, employers utilize your resume, cover letter and your student profile to see if you’ll make a great fit. If you don’t apply to internships on the site, employers are still able to view your profile and resume. With all of these opportunities to stand out, there shouldn’t be any excuse to leave your IIN profile bare!

When you apply to an internship without completing your profile or attaching your resume, employers have to reach out to ask for more information. That takes time, so sometimes employers completely ignore those applicants.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you…complete your profile! Here are some steps to make your profile stand out:

In your dashboard, click “Manage Your Profile”

Verify that the …

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One, Two, Three. Is EARN Indiana for me?

In 2013, Indiana INTERNnet (IIN) began partnering with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) to facilitate its Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) Indiana program. EARN Indiana reimburses employers with an approved internship up to 50 percent of each eligible intern’s wage.

EARN Indiana doesn’t just benefit employers. The program provides eligible students with a wide variety of positions offering competitive pay and valuable experience. These internships can be used to explore career interests, develop transferable skills, apply academic coursework to the professional world, examine career interests and even earn college credit.

“[EARN Indiana] opens up so many positions that will be able to pay you competitively all while gaining tremendous needed experience,” said Johnny Slivka, HR Marketing Intern for Milliner & Associates and EARN Indiana-eligible student.

In order to be eligible for an EARN Indiana internship, a student must:

Be an Indiana resident Not have a bachelor’s degree prior …

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