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The IMPACT Awards Luncheon is an annual celebration of internship excellence. Indiana INTERNnet honors nominees and winners in the categories of Intern of the Year, Employer of the Year and Career Development Professional of the Year. The nominations are submitted by the public and winners are chosen by a group of impartial judges.

Guidelines for nominations

  1. Double check to make sure everything is spelled correctly. All fields are required.
  2. The narrative should be 1,000 words or less, addressing the criteria listed below.
  3. The criteria are the items our judges will reflect on as they are choosing winners. We encourage you to include stories, facts, measurements and the significance of your nominee’s impact specific to each criterion.
  4. The nomination deadline is Oct. 20, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST. We do not accept late entries!
  5. You are invited to submit more than one nomination in any or all of the three award categories.
  6. Please allow two business days to receive the confirmation email stating that your nomination has been submitted.

Please note that if you are nominating an Intern of the Year, you are responsible for purchasing his or her ticket to the luncheon.

Criteria to address in each category

Intern of the Year

(Please include metrics where available)
  1. Describe the intern’s contribution to the business’ overall performance. Please explain how the intern made a positive impact through his/her project work and work ethic.
  2. Describe how the intern demonstrated leadership during the course of the internship and how he or she built meaningful relationships with other employees, other organizations and clients/customers.
  3. Describe how the intern exhibited professionalism in the workplace through communication, team work, time management, problem solving and initiative.

Career Development Professional of the Year

(Please include metrics where available)
This individual must be a full-time employee of an Indiana academic institution.
  1. Explain this professional’s assistance to employers with the creation or enhancement of internship programs and connections with industry to make these opportunities available for students.
  2. Describe this professional’s stand-out qualities in communication with students and employers.
  3. Describe this professional’s strength as a true student advocate and coach on internship professionalism and career development.

Employer of the Year

(Please include metrics where available)
Organization must be located in Indiana.
  1. Describe this employer’s innovative approach to an internship program.
  2. Describe this employer’s formation of meaningful project work and goals for interns.
  3. Describe how this employer provides their intern(s) with ways to grow professionally (professional mentors, networking opportunities, etc.).

Contact Karissa Rector with questions, (317) 264-7535,

Nominations for the IMPACT Awards have been closed.