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  1. How do I register for a free Work and Learn Indiana account?

    On the home page click “Login/Register” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will be required to select an account type, and should select "Student." If you attend a high school or university, select your school in the “Institution” dropdown menu. If you do not see your school, select “Other Institution” located at the bottom of the list. Fill in the rest of the fields and click “Create User.”

  2. How do I change my password?

    Sign in to your account. Click "Edit Account” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. After clicking the link, select “Change Password” underneath the “Update Account” button.

  3. I lost my password. How may I retrieve it?

    On the home page, click “Login/Register” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Underneath the “Log In” button, click “Forgot Password?” and enter your email or username. You will be sent an email with instructions to change your password.

  4. What happens if I don’t use Work and Learn Indiana after I created an account?

    After six months of inactivity, accounts become inactive. You can reactivate your account simply by logging in.

  5. How much does it cost to use Work and Learn Indiana?

    All of Work and Learn Indiana services are free for everyone. Students can search and apply to an unlimited number of internships and work-based learning experiences at no cost.

  6. Are the internships and work-based learning experiences paid?

    The internships and work-based learning opportunities posted on Work and Learn Indiana include both paid and unpaid opportunities. However, the majority of experiences on the site are paid. Work and Learn Indiana strongly encourages employers to offer compensation to interns. Be sure to review what the Department of Labor has to say about participating in a paid or unpaid internship.

    Also, Work and Learn Indiana partners with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) to facilitate its Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) Indiana program. EARN Indiana reimburses employers with an approved work-based learning experience up to 50 percent of each eligible intern’s wage. Click here to see how to find out if you’re eligible.

  7. Can I receive credit for the internship or work-based learning experience?

    Yes. If you choose to receive credit for an internship or work-based learning, your career services office or a faculty member should be able to assist both you and your employer in defining appropriate parameters for receiving credit. However, internships and work-based learning experiences posted on Work and Learn Indiana do not have to be for academic credit. Academic credit should not affect internship compensation.

    Please read the Department of Labor fact sheet to learn more about unpaid internships and academic credit. 

  8. What majors are applicable?

    ANY major! Work and Learn Indiana is open to any and all students seeking an internship and work-based learning experience in Indiana regardless of major or interest. Positions include: accounting, advertising, business administration, communications, consulting, computer information systems, event planning, graphic design, interior decorating, marketing, management, networking, sales, sciences and MANY more!

  9. How does the system work?

    Work and Learn Indiana is a high-tech and high-touch system for students seeking internships and work-based learning opportunities in Indiana. The high-tech portion allows students to enter online resumes, cover letters and skills specific to the work-based experience they are seeking. Also, students can apply to work-based learning opportunities directly on the site.

    Additionally, Work and Learn Indiana offers high-touch services that enable you to receive personal assistance by calling or emailing a member of our staff.

  10. How does Work and Learn Indiana ensure quality work-based learning opportunities?

    Work and Learn staff members review all new employer registrations in order to ensure that the employer is a legitimate organization with the potential to offer internship and work-based learning experiences within the state of Indiana. As with any job or internship opportunity, students are encouraged to thoroughly investigate the organization and to ask questions to ensure that the internship for which they are applying is a good fit. It is also recommended that students have knowledge of their internship requirements and the experience they desire prior to accepting an offer to ensure they accept the opportunity most in line with their career goals.

  11. Where are the internships and work-based learning opportunities located?

    Work and Learn offers internships and work-based learning opportunities throughout the state of Indiana. While some companies may have out of state locations, only internships located in Indiana will be approved for posting on Work and Learn Indiana.

  12. How do I apply to an internship or work-based learning experience?

    Once you’ve found a work-based learning opportunity you are interested in, you can apply directly on Work and Learn Indiana. Make sure you fill your profile out as completely and accurately as possible to give potential employers all the information they need to hire you.

    1. Click “Learn More” located under the work-based learning description.
    2. Click “Apply For This Internship” located in either the gray box to the right of the posting or at the bottom of the internship posting.
    3. Write or paste a cover letter to the company you are applying to in the box provided.
    4. Upload a unique resume or select one of the resumes you’ve uploaded to your student profile.
    5. Click “Apply For This Internship” again to submit.

    Remember the resume(s) you’ve uploaded to your profile will be visible to employers when you apply.

    If the organization is interested, they will be in contact.

  13. Can employers contact me?

    Yes. Employers can either contact you by phone or email if you entered this information in your profile. They can also contact you through our in-site messaging system.

  14. I applied for a work-based learning experience. When do I hear back from the employer?

    The hiring process can take weeks, so please be patient. Continue to apply to other internships and work-based learning opportunities while you wait. Understand that some employers receive many applications for one position, so unfortunately they sometimes do not contact applicants. If you haven’t heard anything in a couple weeks, you may contact the employer and politely ask for an update.

    If the outcome isn’t what you were hoping for, don’t give up. Keep searching for and applying to internships on Work and Learn Indiana.

  15. I can’t find an internship or work-based learning experience. What do I do?

    First, make sure that you fill your profile out as completely and accurately as possible to give potential employers all the information they need to hire you. The Work and Learn Indiana system recommends internships for consideration from keyword matches in your profile and internship postings. If you do not have a resume, schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor, advisor or career services office to assist you with creating one.

    Be sure to select skills that you have in the “Skills” portion of your profile. Work and Learn Indiana uses the skills you select to match you with internships. Employers with internships and work-based learning experiences that fit your skills might be matched to you. If they are interested, they may reach out and invite you to apply!

    If you still cannot find a work-based learning experience that fits your needs, don’t give up! Keep checking Work and Learn Indiana because new positions are frequently added. Still not having luck? Contact us at, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  16. Can I change my information?

    Yes. You can change your information at any time. Edit your profile by clicking “Manage Your Profile” located in the gray box on the right side of your dashboard.

  17. Can I put a link on the web site?

    Yes. You can enter your personal web page URL in your profile. You may also link to your online portfolio or professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn.

  18. Can I upload samples of my work?

    Yes. You can do this my clicking “Manage Your Profile” and then the “Resume” tab. At the bottom of the tab, there is an option to upload various files. You can upload an unlimited number of files to showcase your work. Be sure to select the proper file type (cover letter, resume, portfolio piece or other) from the dropdown menu when you upload.

  19. What is Work and Learn Indiana's confidentiality policy?

    Information submitted to Work and Learn Indiana will be used for the purpose of connecting employers and students with high-quality internship experiences. View our Privacy Policy.

  20. How do I search for an internship?

    1. Log in to your workspace.
    2. Complete the “Advanced Internship Search” on the right side of your workspace. Select and enter search criteria of  your choosing - you do not need to fill out all of the search criteria.
    3. Scroll through the lists to find a position you are interested in.
    4. To view the position description, simply click on the internship title. You may also learn more about the organization by clicking on the organization’s website link. 
    5. If you would like to save your search, click “Save This Search” in the upper right-hand corner of the search results page and enter a name for the search.
    6. After saving your search, the search name will be listed under “Saved Searches” in your student dashboard.

  21. How often are new internships posted?

    New internships are frequently added, so it's a good idea to check the site often.

    You can stay on top of opportunities by opting in to receive text message alerts whenever new internships are added to your saved searches. Make sure your number is saved to your profile, click "Opt In," then complete and save an internship search. See question #20 for instructions.

    You will receive a maximum of one text per day. You can opt out of the text message alerts at any time by texting "Stop."

  22. What year of the FAFSA is EARN Indiana eligibility based off of?

    Student eligibility is based off of the most recent year FAFSA. Students can apply through Work and Learn Indiana to better understand elgibility. If you have questions after applying through the site, please reach out to

  23. If I'm from out of state, but live off campus at an Indiana college or university, am I eligible for EARN Indiana?

    Unless you are a legal resident of Indiana, you are not eligible. Your residency is based off of the address of your true, fixed and permanent home. Living in Indiana for solely educational purposes is not considered legal residency.

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