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"I spent my summer interning at Angie's List and loved it! I worked in the review integrity department, directly interacting with customers while maintaining the integrity of the list of reviews Angie's List provides. I met amazing people within the company, including the interim CEO Mark Howell and Angie Hicks herself! They have opportunities in almost every department that I would recommend to anybody!"

"Indiana INTERNnet is great source for posting positions as well as a resource with other organizations. The networking opportunities has been very helpful to me since I have not been involved with internships very long. The Indiana INTERNnet staff have been very helpful or provided information to how I can improve on a quality internship opportunity for our interns."

"Backhaul Direct has loved working with Indiana INTERNnet, and we value our partnership greatly. Our interns have enhanced our coporate culture and allowed us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses from an outsiders perspective. We also value the impact we are providing to our interns ensuring that their gained experiences will benefit them greatly in the future."

"Indiana INTERNnet has been a huge win for our business. Aside from assisting us in finding stellar interns who continue to be awarded "Intern of the Year" and those who end up staying on full time, they've helped make our program what it is today. Without Indiana INTERNnet, we would not be able to fund as many professional development opportunities to our students that we do, in turn, providing a great experience!"

"[Indiana INTERNnet] was such a huge help to not only help us find seasonal winter help, but to help compensate their wages through EARN Indiana. And they received a great internship credit for it. Very happy with the process and so grateful we were made known of it!"

"Finish Line strives to support and develop highly motivated college students through meaningful projects, experiences and mentorship to create stronger brand awareness and opportunities for full-time employment. Indiana INTERNnet provides a great resource to connect our interns to Indianapolis as well as excellent networking experiences outside of Finish Line."

"Summer interns are an integral part of the Indiana State Fair staff. Their hard work, dedication and energy are a a shot in the arm for our year-round employees, and we take pride in providing a great opportunity for students to work and learn supporting an Indiana tradition. provides an excellent complement to our other intern recruiting efforts and delivers wide exposure to students around Indiana and to students in other states looking to spend the summer in Indiana."

"The Indiana INTERNnet program has been a delight. It has given our organization the opportunity to work with some very bright college students, as well as, increase our pool of talented applicants versus other methods we have tried in the past."

"Indiana INTERNnet has provided our organization with a useful interface for recruiting quality internship candidates. Beyond recruiting, their advisory committee has been instrumental in helping to shape the internship experience that we offer. "

"EARN has led us to hire outstanding interns for our office and summer programs. We have been very impressed with the program, the interns we connect with and the skills they bring to our department. Through EARN, we have been able to expand the number of interns we hire in the summer, and find this to be a mutual benefit for our department as well as the interns we hire."

"The EARN process for Indiana INTERNnet was not complicated at all. I think the whole process took less than 5 minutes for me, and has been helpful way beyond the 5 it took for me to be deemed 'EARN eligible.' "