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How to Ace a Phone Interview

When an employer asks for a phone interview you may have one of two reactions:









Either way, here are a few tips that will help you ace that phone interview.

Pick a time that works best for you.

Picking a convenient time can make or break an interview. Block out at least an hour for the interview and ensure you have plenty of time before the call to prepare. There’s nothing worse than going into an interview and feeling rushed.

Take the call in a quiet place.

Taking a call in a quiet place will allow your interviewer to hear you clearly. Background noise can be a distraction to both you and your interviewer. The point of a phone interview is to screen potential candidates, so it’s important your interviewer hears all of the qualifications you have for the …

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Marissa Smith: Making an IMAPCT

Indiana INTERNnet celebrated internship excellence on February 7, 2018 at the 12th Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon. Though the event is over and the winners have been announced, we are continuing to celebrate the nominees’ successes.

These are their stories.

Marissa Smith is a junior at IUPUI studying journalism and public relations. She serves as the communications intern for local nonprofit Indiana Futsal, writing articles, managing social media content, and assisting with the coordination of the organization’s many events.

How the IMPACT Awards Indirectly ‘Impacted’ Me
In addition to having started my campus job just over a year ago, it has also been roughly a year since I began my internship with locally-based nonprofit Indiana Futsal! What originally began as temporary internship for a sport I’d never heard of before (Oops) has flourished into a yearlong position I’m highly grateful for.

Today I attended the Indiana INTERNnet IMPACT Awards …

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My Experience With A Virtual Internship

Between taking 18 credit hours, having two in-person internships, and keeping a healthy social life, college has seemed like a whirlwind. However, to further my professional development and career goals, I wanted to have as many experiences as I possibly could. So, I logged into and found an amazing virtual internship that I’m still active with today!

My virtual internship is with Indy Displays, an ecommerce display booth company, as the digital content strategist intern. In this role, I’m doing some graphic design work, as well as writing content for their blog to promote their company. This position is wonderful for me, because it allows me to earn extra money while growing my skills in a way that works well for my busy schedule.

The best part of this internship is that I’m able to work on skills that I would otherwise be lacking. For example, I had planned …

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Meet Our Spring 2018 Intern!

I’m thrilled to be joining Indiana INTERNnet this semester as the communication and special events intern! I am currently a junior at IUPUI studying journalism with a concentration in public relations. I’m originally from #TheRegion (Northwest Indiana), but have since transplanted to Indy and instantly fell in love. One of the best things about going to school at an urban campus is that there are SO many opportunities for professional development and growth.  Not only do I get to learn about interesting topics in school, but I also get to directly use those skills in my work environment.

Interning has been the theme of my college career. In the past three years, I’ve held seven positions with experiences ranging from IT/technology support, graphic design and even event planning. Through these internships, I’ve learned what I love, what I don’t love, and the ins and outs of so many different areas. …

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Flashback Friday: My High School Internship

The concept of high school interns may seem strange. Don’t most high schoolers work at fast food restaurants or mow lawns, if they have a job at all? When you think of a typical intern, you probably think of a college student or a twenty-something trying to ease their way into a full-time position. High school interns are becoming more common as the job market becomes more competitive and the demand for more relevant work experience increases.

When I was 17, I got an internship at VYPE Magazine Central Indiana, a local branch of a national high school sports magazine. My dad occasionally took photos for the VYPE magazine and web site, and I jumped on the opportunity to work with them. I was a senior in high school and I knew I wanted to go to college to major in journalism, but I had no idea what I wanted …

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